Stellar Blade uncensored, but in Japan there are those who don’t like it

Stellar Blade is about to be released, but apparently the controversy surrounding the game does not subside.\r\nThe new and long-awaited PS5 exclusive developed by Shift Up (which you can pre-order on Amazon) has already managed to win over players thanks to its free demo .\r\nIt is also true that the level of violence of Stellar Blade as well as some sterile controversy over the design of the protagonist had caused quite a lot of discussion\r\nNow, as also reported by IGN US, an Electronic Arts Japan executive has criticized the Japanese video game classification board for allowing the release of Stellar Blade uncensored, while EA’s Dead Space was banned in Japan.\r\nCannot get oEmbed\r\nIn a post on like Twitter), EA Japan general manager Shaun Noguchi took issue with the Computer Entertainment Rating Organization (CERO) for banning the company’s sci-fi horror game due to features that he says also appear in Stellar Blade.\r\n”What is happening to CERO?”, asked Noguchi in the post you find above. \r\nAnd again: «The Stellar Blade demo was really fun and absolutely action-packed. However, CERO, you denied the rating to our Dead Space because it included cross-sections of severed body parts and internal organs, but here we have both cross-sections and interiors on display passed off with a CERO D rating. I find that hard to accept.”\ r\nFor the record, the classification\

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