Steam, Gabe Newell called to court in antitrust case

Gabe Newell, boss of Valve, will have to appear in court to give his important testimony in the ongoing antitrust lawsuit between Wolfire Games and Valve. The lawsuit, filed on November 16, alleges an antitrust violation.\r\nWolfire filed an antitrust lawsuit in April 2021, alleging that Valve suppresses competition in the PC gaming market through dominance Steam, using it to get “an extraordinarily large share of almost every sale that comes through its store.” Valve actually keeps 30 percent of all sales made on Steam up to $10 million, after which the percentage drops to 25 percent. % on sales up to $50 million at 20% for all sales above that threshold.\r\nBy November 2021 the lawsuit was dismissed, giving Wolfire 30 days to amend his complaint. Time that was well spent because, in May 2022, the company had resubmitted the lawsuit against Valve.\r\nWolfire’s lawyers intend to directly question Gabe Newell at this point, who according to the lawyers is «in a unique position to testify on all aspects of the defendant’s business strategy.” An interview that must be done in person, according to the lawyers, to fully evaluate

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