Steam Autumn Sale: The best games under 10 euros

It is a decidedly rich period for Valve, which launched its Steam Deck OLED a few days ago – effectively giving a new slap to the gaming handheld market, thanks to the OLED display and the improved battery compared to the previous model, which already could count on an almost console-like immediacy, compared to other competitors that you can find on the market.\r\nWhether you have a Steam Deck or a PC, however, the Steam autumn sales have been available for a few days, offering discounts on many titles among those present in the digital catalog managed by Valve. Since the choice is quite wide, we decided to go hunting for the best games for less than 10 euros that you can buy right now.\r\nIf you play on Steam Deck, we recommend you check the compatibility of the different titles (ours guide to the game verification system on Deck is available here) before proceeding with the purchase.\r\nSteam autumn sales: the best games under 10 euros\r\n\r\nHalo: The Master Chief Collection at 9 €.99 instead of €39.99 \r\nSubnautica for €9.89 instead of €29.99\r\nSubnautica: Below Zero for €9.89 instead of €29.99\r\nThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition for €7.99 instead of €39.99\r\nSid Meier’s Civilization VI for €5.99 instead of €59.99\r\nNeed for Speed ​​Heat for €6.99 instead of €69.99\r\nHollow Knight for €7.39 instead of €14.79\r\nTerraria at €4.87 instead of €9.75\r\nAssetto Corsa at €3.99 instead of €19.99\r\nThe Forest at €4.19 instead of €16 €.79\r\nMetro Exodus for €5.99 instead of €29.99\r\nFallout 4 GOTY for €9.99 instead of €39.99\r\nInscryption for €9.99 instead of €19.99\r \nUndertale at €2.99 instead of €9.99\r\nKingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition at €9.99 instead of €39.99\r\nThe Witcher 3: Wild Hunt at €7.49 instead of €29.99 \r\nPhasmophobia at €9.27 instead of €11.59\r\nDoom Eternal at €9.99 instead of €39.99\r\nTitanfall 2 at €4.49 instead of €29.99\r\nWWI Isonzo at €9.89 instead of €29.99\r\nOri and the Will of the Wisps for €9.89 instead of €29.99\r\nAssassin’s Creed Origins for €8.99 instead of €59.99\r\nGhosts ‘ n Goblins Resurrection at €9.89 instead of €29.99\r\nA Way Out at €4.49 instead of €29.99\r\nFirewatch at €3.90 instead of €19.50\r\nCeleste at 4, €99 instead of €19.99\r\nDiRT Rally 2.0 for €4.99 instead of €19.99\r\nPortal 2 for €0.97 instead of €9.75\r\nDesperados III for €9.99 instead of €39 €.99\r\nDragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen at €4.79 instead of €29.99\r\nDevil May Cry 5 at €9.89 instead of €29.99\r\nTribes of Midgard at €6.79 instead €19.99\r\n\r\nYou can check the complete list of all video games currently on offer on Steam directly at this address. The offers, we remind you, will remain active until November 28th at 7.00 pm Italian time.\r\nAnd if you want to know more about Steam Deck, find our video review here designed for those coming from the world of consoles.

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