Steam, an unsuspected game conquers the global ranking (and even beats GTA V)

Among the many products available on Steam there is one that is literally (and in a completely unexpected way) becoming popular. This is the unsuspected Gas Station Simulator .

The title of DRAGO Entertainment is part of the broad line of simulators (which has now also crossed over into the world of bees) available on the market, and is enjoying considerable success on the Valve platform.

The US company’s digital store has just made two strategic classics available for free, available at no additional cost until Thursday 23 September.

If you’ve already tried them and want to focus on more modern products, you should take a look at two other strategies that can be redeemed for free until September 20th.

As the title suggests, Gas Station Simulator will put you in the shoes of a petrol pump determined to restore the business to the glories of the past.

At the beginning of the game you will find yourself in a dirty and messy environment that will require a lot of effort (and pay off a large number of debts ).

Your goal will be to earn enough money to end the day in the black and avoid upset customers, who may even physically attack you.

To encourage and keep you company throughout your adventure, if you can call it that, your uncle will be there, always ready to give you valuable suggestions and get you back on track in case of sensational failures .

As reported by Kotaku , the game was launched on Steam in September, with an Xbox and PlayStation release scheduled for 2022 .

Gas Station Simulator is currently on promotion with a 10% discount on the official store page, and stands out among the best-selling titles globally (also beaten GTA V ).

The Valve platform always reserves some tasty surprises: you still have two days to make your own a stellar title (in name and in fact).

The deadline for redeeming Legend of Keepers Return of The Goddess and a long line of titles from the Stardock catalog will expire on September 20.

If simulations are your daily bread, you can’t miss Airport Simulator 2019 at the great price offered by Amazon.

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