Starlink: the docked and handheld mode compared

Starlink: Ubisoft’s Battle for Atlas is shown in a new, interesting video, which compares the title on Nintendo Switch console.
More specifically, the two game modes, namely docked and handheld, are analyzed. The response can be found below, in the dedicated player.
Starlink: Battle for Atlas uses modular toy technology allows players to create and customize their own real spaceships. Each member and the pilot of the spacecraft will appear immediately in the game, where it will be possible to exploit different skills of pilot, in addition to various weapons and ships, to unleash devastating combos against their enemies.
The cast of Starlink characters will form an exclusive alliance with the ace and Star Fox team leader, Fox McCloud, and his celebrated Arwing, in additional content exclusively for Nintendo Switch. You can play the entire campaign as Fox McCloud and embark on some exclusive Atlas missions with other friends from the Star Fox universe.
The title will be available starting October 16th for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. All the news on our dedicated page.

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