Starfield was “inspired” by a great classic of the past

The release of Starfield , the ambitious space RPG from Bethesda, is expected in 2023 , although at the moment we do not yet know the official release date of the game.

The title, also coming to Xbox Game Pass (the subscription service you find on Amazon at a very attractive price), will put a large number of worlds to explore , plus much more.

On paper, Starfield will in fact be a content-based scary video game, considering also and above all the amount of planets to visit.

Now, while the shadow of a new postponement looms on the horizon, Bethesda has published a short video in which creative director Todd Howard talks about the game, including some of the gaming influences that led to the creation of the highly anticipated RPG.

As also reported by Games Radar , when asked about the sources of inspiration for Starfield , Howard said: ‘I’m going back in time. SunDog is one of the most important . An incredible game, a bit like science fiction games when Ultimate came out. It also had a parser-free interface, one of the first games where you moved objects and put them together. But it was a great game, where you had your own ship and you could explore around, which I loved. “

SunDog Frozen Legacy was released by FTL Games in 1984 for Apple II. It is a trade game in which you fly from one planet to another buying and selling goods , sometimes besieged by pirates who have to fight each other.

There are also big cities to explore , populated by businesses and randomly appearing characters, from street vendors to robbers (Richard Garriott, the legendary creator of Ultima , called it his favorite game of all time).

Howard also cites some non-videogame inspirations for Starfield : «This is a pen-and-paper role-playing game at the time when D&D was becoming popular: this game is Traveler ».

Traveler was first published in 1977 by Game Designers’ Workshop, and has been around in various forms ever since. There are more or less modern editions, such as the one created by Mongoose Publishing which refers to the original rules.

Howard concludes that Starfield is “a throwback to those old RPGs we loved”, hoping that the quality will be up to par.

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