Square Enix wants to make NPCs more realistic (and already knows how)

During the PlayStation Showcase 2021 Forspoken , the new exclusive PS5 developed by Luminous Productions and published by Square Enix.

But the Japanese company, whose name inevitably refers to famous franchises such as Final Fantasy , Dragon Quest , Kingdom Hearts and many others , is currently working on another interesting project focusing on NPC behavior.

Square Enix is ​​also warming up its engines ahead of the Tokyo Game Show 2021, which it will attend with a conference scheduled for October 1st at 12pm Italian time.

Recently the Japanese holding was at the center of a controversy following the Outriders case. According to the People Can Fly team, the launch on Xbox Game Pass would have been detrimental to revenues, and Square Enix itself has not yet paid the developers.

The project mentioned at the beginning was already partially concretized in the form of a registered patent and is focused on the realization of a better AI for NPC in the next published or developed titles from the company.

Specifically, Square Enix’s goal is to avoid that some characters (whether they belong to the main team or not) adopt behaviors and movements unnatural during the adventure.

The patent provides for the creation of a mechanism that can control the dynamics relating to the walk of the NPCs, keeping an eye on both their number and the surrounding environment .

The new system will take into account the changes of the scenario (such as roughness, walls and obstacles of all kinds) to make sure that the characters modify their formation and their pace avoiding incurring glitch or unusual behavior.

The ambitious technology is accompanied by a couple of images that will help you better understand its objectives and how it works (via GameRant ):

The task of guiding movements of NPCs and supporting actors will be up to a sort of variable that will constantly monitor their movements, with the aim of achieving a much more realistic effect than in the past (and also Final Fantasy VII Remake ).

In short, the company’s plans seem to aim high, and the next Dragon Quest even promises to kick off a new course for the next twenty years.

The drive for continuous improvement is also shared by an equally illustrious name: EA is working on a technology aimed at optimizing the difficulty curve.

If you want to keep an eye on the Tokyo Game Show 2021 for Square Enix announcements, don’t forget that Xbox will also be attending the event.

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