Spyro 4 is in the works, and fans of the little dragon are ready

Spyro the Dragon could return soon, in a fourth official chapter of the saga, at least according to a clue that appeared online in these hours and that has alerted fans.

The most beloved dragon in the world of video games appeared for the last time in the fun Spyro Reignited Trilogy (which you can find on Amazon) thanks to the developer of Toys For Bob .

In the Reignited Trilogy review, we let you know that «Toys for Bob is perhaps the most suitable developer to enjoy the legacy left behind, and the use of the Unreal Engine 4, excellently used here, could be the point from which to start again.»

Now, if already a few weeks ago the rumor had started circulating about the processing of an alleged Spyro 4, now comes a further clue.

Via Reddit, in fact, an unidentified leaker came out with a bolt from the blue, so sudden as to leave quite stunned.

According to this ‘ChiefKeef786’, Spyro 4 would actually be in workmanship, without ifs and buts: «Yes, I know it’s a completely random thing, but I met a friend who works at Toys For Bob», explains the fan.

And again: «while we were talking about how he was doing in life and other things like that, he told me that he is working on a new Spyro game . Here, this is the leak».

Obviously, this is in no way an official confirmation that Spyro 4 is actually in the works, although the alleged “innocence” of this post could lean towards the fact that the leak is entirely probable. We will keep you updated in case there is any news about it.

Speaking instead of the return of the famous orange marsupial, namely Crash Bandicoot, we remind you that the Crash Team Rumble is on its way, a title that apparently will wink at the Crash Bash fans, but with due differences (no arenas, apparently).

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