Splinter Cell turns 20, but what happened to the remake?

Many months ago, Ubisoft announced that the first and unforgettable chapter of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell would receive a real remake, disappeared from the radar. Now, the original game has completed its first 20 years, but still nothing about the remake.

After Splinter Cell Blacklist (still purchasable on Amazon), the action/stealth series that has become a true cult has literally disappeared from the radar, to the great regret of the fans .

Outside of a first, short teaser trailer, the return of Sam Fisher then remained in the shadows, so much so that Ubisoft updated the fans with a dropper.

True, some specific details about the game recently surfaced, including the story, but of the actual remake really nothing is known about it yet.

As Game Rant also reminded us, the Splinter Cell series has officially turned 20: the first game was in fact released on November 17, 2002 .

Starring spy Sam Fisher, voiced by legendary actor Michael Ironside (and Luca Ward in Italy), the series has become one of the most famous stealth sagas of all time.

For many it may be difficult to imagine that two decades have passed since the first edition and that, over the years, there have been so many releases that have seen Agent Fisher as the protagonist.

In short, after 11 years of Skyrim and 25 of the Grand Theft Auto series, Splinter Cell also learned to blow out a large number of candles .

For those who have never played any of the installments of the series, our mission will lead us to assume the role of the iconic Fisher, a former Navy SEAL who now works for the NSA, in the fictional division called Third Echelon.

Players have the task of penetrating enemy territories, hiding in the shadows to eliminate dissidents, terrorists and recover secret information.

The hope is that Ubisoft will soon be able to raise the curtain again on Sam’s new adventure, thus bringing back a dormant franchise for far too long.

Going back to the remake, did you read that the developers wanted to clarify that, even if the game will not be an open world, exploration and innovation will be key points of the experience?

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