Spider-Man, the classic PS1: the developer dreams of a remaster

Spider-Man on the first PlayStation is certainly one of the best video games dedicated to Wall Climbing, so much so that fans keep clamoring a remaster of the classic .

Without detracting from the most recent adventures of the Neighborhood Friendly Spider-Man (found on Amazon), the classic developed by NeverSoft for PS One is an immortal game .

If the hype towards Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is certainly very high, so much so that some players have decided to create it themselves, it is curious how people are still very fond of the title. 32-bit (later also released on SEGA Dreamcast and Nintendo 64).

Now, as reported by Game Byte , it appears that a developer of the Spider-Man of 2000 has admitted that he is’ absolutely ready to work on a remaster of the classic.

Is he or isn’t he? Of course it’s Venom!

Developed by the now defunct NeverSoft, the first Spider -Man was considered the highest peak ever by the hero Marvel in the world of video games.

In an interview with GamingBible , the game’s lead designer – Chad Findley – explained that while the game had its a fair number of technical limitations due to the machines of the time, working with the legendary Stan Lee was a highlight of his career .

“I was able to include as many characters as we wanted, we could add our what-if mode to tons of other cameos, and I was able to voice Stan Lee,” said Findley.

“Although initially I would be reluctant [to make a remaster] due to the nightmare licensing and approval processes that have existed over the years, I would absolutely do it” , explained the designer.

«I love Spider-Man. He was such a big, nerdy character, with stories that always have positive and yet exciting and fun messages and themes. Stuff we need these days ».

Did you also read that a bug made the Spider-Man costume extremely similar to the Venom symbiote suit?

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