Sometimes Elden Ring can be a really frustrating game

Elden Ring is undoubtedly one of the most challenging and long-lived video games released in recent years, although sometimes the game it can be frustrating beyond belief .

FromSoftware’s masterpiece (of which you can buy the Launch Edition on offer on Amazon ) has in fact from its all the typical difficulty of soulslike .

And if a speedrunner managed to complete it in the time of a coffee break, someone else ran into a situation where they would tear their clothes off (and then destroy the pad on a wall ).

We already know that haste can be a rather lethal enemy for any Lightless, but apparently sometimes bad luck gets a grip on it .

Via Reddit , a player has indeed brought the his video testimony of a death so frustrating that even the spectators themselves were nervous.

In the clip we see the poor ‘mutcholoko32’ heading towards his Runes respawned on the ground: it is a particularly rich loot, 167 thousand pieces runic .

Unfortunately, however, the player is attacked by a flying beast just as he was trying to retrieve the much coveted loot.

This is the most tragic way to lose 167k runes from Eldenring

As if that weren’t enough, we see the Lightless melt into the ground – due to a deadly bug – which prevents it from climbing the ridge and thus reaching safety.

In addition to the damage, therefore, the insult: not only the ambush of the enemy had almost knocked him out, but to ruin the party there was also a glitch that the player could do very little .

Speaking of calmer situations, Elden Ring has won the hearts of millions of gamers, so much so that some have even imagined it in a beautiful 2D version.

But that’s not all: do you know that Radahn, one of the toughest bosses in From’s adventure, can be beaten in a few moments thanks to a trick?

Finally, if you are looking for guides and tips, a few days ago we published everything you need to know about Bandai Namco’s soulslike fantasy.

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