Someone put a Marvel movie on a Game Boy cartridge, because yes

The various generations of the Game Boy have a very special place in the hearts of fans, often ready to pay homage to the platform in the most unthinkable ways, now also themed Marvel .

The ancestor of Nintendo Switch (found on Amazon ) has become over the years a cult object, in all its variations.

Fans of the handheld console love it so much that recently they’ve even thought about tweaking it in the most unthinkable ways.

Now, it’s time for Morbius on Game Boy Color : In a new video, YouTuber Wulff Den put the Sony / Marvel movie on the little Nintendo platform without a real why (via ComicBook ).

A long and seemingly tedious process that nevertheless may have been far more enjoyable for the author than watching Morbius in the cinema, despite everything.

If this sounds familiar to you, you may remember when this same YouTuber posted Tenet by Christopher Nolan on Game Boy Advance .

You will remember the director’s insistence that the film be seen on the “biggest screen possible” despite being released at the onset of the pandemic, when most viewers were unwilling to go to the cinema.

While Wulff Den joked that they had put the movie on Game Boy “out of spite” this time, the YouTuber admits he did the same job with Morbius for an unspecified reason . A little above, the final result (and good vision, if we can say so).

While Morbius is not a particularly long film, the additional compression required to fit the film into 4MB Game Boy Color cartridges meant that Morbius required an impressive 36 cartridges although the fan, perhaps lazy, has actually made only 3 (each of which contains about half an hour of video at 6 frames per second with a resolution of 192 × 128 ).

On the subject, did you see another retrogaming enthusiast bringing Elden Ring to the first Game Boy, for a truly remarkable achievement?

But that’s not all: even the cute Pokémon Lechonk has been “converted” to the Game Boy Advance, making him appear even more funny than he already is.

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