Skyrim, the Dark Brotherhood reveals a “horror” secret after 11 years

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is such a huge and multifaceted title that, after 11 years, there are those who still discover new things.

The fantasy epic of Bethesda, in one of its myriad versions that you find on Amazon, has conquered millions of players also thanks to its multifaceted world.

A love of fantasy in general which, for some, meant turning Skyrim even into something similar to The Game of Thrones, indeed.

And a few weeks before his 11th birthday, someone discovered some new secrets concerning the Dark Brotherhood.

As Game Rant reports, Emil Pagliarulo a developer who worked on The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim revealed something that the average gamer never knew about the Dark Brotherhood questline.

The group of assassins in the service of Sithis and the Night Mother is already disturbing in its own right, and in in particular meeting the head of the Confraternity is a truly horror moment. There is one detail, however, that makes it even more interesting.

According to Pagliarulo, when they were developing the questline, locking the player in the coffin with the Night Mother caused collision problems.

This would obviously have caused some problems in one of Skyrim’s most tense moments, so a little trick was used: the player is put into first person mode, the lights are dimmed and it plays the sound of the coffin closing. However, the player is actually still exposed to the world and fully visible to anyone else in the room, which they would see if it were possible to turn around.

It’s an interesting secret about the development of Skyrim and how the developers had to find a way to make the game engine work despite everything.

The same engine that, if it is worked out well with small mods, sometimes won’t make you wait in despair for The Elder Scrolls VI.

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