Skyrim, removed the mod that prevented starting (but there are those who want it back)

Skyrim fans are strange, you know, and especially Bethesda fans have developed a strange relationship with bugs, whether they are the real ones or those induced by the mods.

Even in titles like Fallout 4 all technical incidents are now seen as things to laugh about by the community.

But Skyrim is undoubtedly the liveliest community of Bethesda games, which still today discovers unthinkable details about the game.

And she is the one who has more fun with mods, coming to insert Jedi and lightsabers within the title.

And the world of Skyrim mods stands on its own, a community that is capable of generating game-blocking software such as NoSkyrim , which has now been removed.

Through GamesRadar we discover that the mod has been permanently removed from the Nexus Mods portal.

It would all seem normal, as it is a mod that literally prevented you from starting the game. Taking it off must have been the best thing to do, right? Don’t tell the fans.

The mod, which was created with the intent to combat game addiction , has been removed because it voluntarily bugs the game, and the Nexus Mods staff didn’t. felt to keep such software online.

The players, however, didn’t like this move . They did not consider this a sufficient reason to remove the mod from the portal.

In fact, a petition has been made about it, with over 450 players on a war footing against the decision which, however, has now been taken irrevocably.

Someone has already vented elsewhere, because the entire Whiterun was recently recreated within Valheim .

A world that players love madly , that of Skyrim , so much so that there are those who have recreated it inside a digital diorama.

And speaking of loving madly, yet another edition of the game could not be missing: the Anniversary Edition , with next-gen update included.

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