Skyrim playable in co-op multiplayer, free, from now (thanks to the fans)

mod support is known to all fans of Skyrim , one of the single RPGs most beloved players of all time: now, a mod allows you to approach the adventure in multiplayer co-op .

After celebrating its 10th anniversary with a new dedicated edition (which you can buy for fast delivery on Amazon ), those who prefer to play together now have a good reason to get back to the game.

In addition to the ability to play in local co-op, a mod for online cooperative gameplay has recently been updated to transform the experience into the « party game RPG »Definitive, if we can define it that way.

Since yesterday, Friday 8 July , Skyrim is available Together Reborn , capable of supporting cooperative gameplay from multiple players in the same game , as also reported by Wccftech .

Finally, then, the Skyrim cooperative mod is available for download for free through the usual Nexus Mods channel.

As you may have already guessed for yourself, its purpose is to achieve a very specific goal, which is to introduce cooperative multiplayer in Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim , tested with a maximum of 30 players .

Skyrim Together was first mentioned over three years ago, when the mod was about to enter Closed Beta, before the ambitious project was abruptly halted due to the the fact that the modders had used stolen code from Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE).

As confirmed in the official FAQ, Skyrim Together Reborn was remade from scratch by a new team who stated that this version has significantly improved, both in terms of NPCs, which monsters (including dragons), missions, inventory and equipment.

But that’s not all: upon death, the character will respawn nearby, while if he dies in a dungeon or inside a structure he will reappear at the beginning of the same

Skyrim Together Reborn (found here) can only be installed on version 1.6 of Skyrim Special Edition of Steam , launched with the 10th anniversary update.

Staying on the subject, have you read that the origin of the iconic logo of the game, a brand that has now become legendary, has been explained again?

But that’s not all: the fog of Silent Hill has become the protagonist of a Skyrim glitch that is as terrifying as it is strange to see.

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