Skyrim now has one thing in common with The Last of Us, thanks to the fans

Skyrim is without one of the most popular RPGs of all time, also seen that fans continue to give life to mods really surprising, like this one capable of removing all humanity from the world, literally.

The fifth chapter of The Elder Scrolls (of which you can find the Anniversary Edition on Amazon) is a title that has always been targeted by modders, who are often able to transform it into clear and decisive manner.

Just think of the Skyrim fan who recently shared a video of the modded game, showing a fight reminiscent of FromSoftware’s classic souls.

Now, as also reported by The Gamer, another enthusiast has imagined the world of Skyrim as if it had been hit by a terrible ecological disaster.

In fact, imagine a really serious catastrophe, capable of literally making the human race disappear, which would have left behind only abandoned and ruined cities and buildings. Now, all of that has become real in Skyrim, why yes.

Modder Scrabbulor’s “Alternate Skyrim” mod shows a destroyed, mostly empty Skyrim with cities torn apart, inside which remain only undead, creatures and animals.

Every city, town, and settlement has been emptied to the point where you’ll hardly meet another soul. If you’re thinking about a Skyrim version of The Last of Us, maybe you’re not that far from the truth.

If you’re thinking about it, you can download the mod in question – obviously totally free – by clicking on this address.

Staying on the subject, Skyrim fans are also arguing about which is the best city in the game, so much so that the answers have surprised a large number of players.

But that’s not all: for a few weeks there has been a new mod for Skyrim that will appeal to those who like to steal, as it expands the quests for the Thieves Guild.

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