Skyrim, Fans Debate Which Enemy Would Be Easier To Defeat In Real Life

Skyrim is one of the most loved role-playing games ever, so much so that fans continue to debate the characteristics of the Bethesda fantasy title.

The fifth chapter of The Elder Scrolls (of which you can find the Anniversary Edition on Amazon) is in fact a title appreciated by entire generations, so much so that it gives birth to discussions of all kinds.

Recently Skyrim fans have been debating which is the best city in the game, so much so that the answers have surely surprised everyone.

Now, as also reported by Game Rant, fans of Skyrim are discussing which enemy would be easier to defeat, but in real life.

Skyrim has a large number of different enemies, from the humble crab to the ferocious dragons that made the game so famous: some are challenging enough to beat in-game , although even the most innocuous ones can pose a serious threat to the unwary player.

Today, various creatures are the subject of an online debate over which would be the easiest to defeat in life real; players would be very lucky to survive without the power of the Dragonborn or any of the powerful weapons and spells found in Skyrim.

Redditor ‘GreenHorse’ posted an image asking other members of the Skyrim community which enemies they would be able to face in real life.

Out of all the enemies you can fight in Skyrim, which one do you think you could take with your IRL capacities ? from skyrim

Most of those who responded don’t seem very confident that they can hold their own against some of the more mundane enemies, while others pointed out that the real world is a dangerous place and that technology might give them an edge.

One ​​of the funniest answers came from ManDragonA: «I’d say a chicken, but we all know how it’s going to end», referring to the fact that in Skyrim entire populations turn against players who kill chickens within the confines of a city.

Sticking on the subject, a Skyrim player ran into a bug that caused him to get stuck hundreds of meters up while defending himself from the jaws of a dragon.

But that’s not all: another fan has decided to go further and create a real LEGO version of Skyrim from scratch, which is really beautiful to look at.

Finally, a mod shows a Skyrim destroyed, with cities torn apart, within which only the undead, creatures and animals remain.

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