Skyrim Anniversary Edition, a very important patch arrives

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim , Bethesda’s fantasy RPG that has become a cult over the years, has recently reached the venerable age ten years.

The fifth episode of the saga is in fact recently available in a flamboyant Anniversary Edition , full of contents able to make us appreciate this timeless classic again.

On the pages of Gameshift , our Stefania Sperandio explained to us why the anniversary of Skyrim is a truly important event for the industry.

Not to mention that Bethesda is also working at full capacity on Starfield , the sci-fi RPG that promises to be a real «Skyrim between the stars ».

Now, as reported by GameSpot , Bethesda has confirmed that it is working on a new patch for the Skyrim Anniversary Edition , and that this will be released. next week.

After the launch of the new version on November 11th, many players have reported problems regarding a bug consisting of a black screen that appeared while loading a save file.

This error has allegedly been linked to players having a moddated copy of the game, causing game files to break .

However, according to PC Gamer , the black screen problem is affecting all other players as well, even after completing the Civil War quest between the two factions of Skyrim, the Imperial Legion and the Stormcloaks.

PlayStation users are also reporting multiple freezes, endless loading screens, as well as a glitch telling them to free “0 kb on system memory” in order to play (apparently, this is a bug from two years ago).

We just have to wait for the patch notes and an official release date, which shouldn’t be long in coming.

You’ve read in any case that someone recently discovered a new and chilling detail in the game, hidden in a very dark and distressing place. .

If you haven’t played Skyrim yet, you can find it within the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: the subscription is also rechargeable on Amazon.

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