Silent Hill “lives on” in Elden Ring, and the result is disturbing

Elden Ring is certainly a game that has entered the collective imagination, establishing itself as one of the best soulslike ones currently on the market, also thanks to the constant support from fans .

The game (of which you can buy the Launch Edition with fast delivery on Amazon ) is in fact liked by an avalanche of players, ready to enrich it with mod more or less complex .

No, we’re not just talking about mods like the one that included Darth Vader in the game, but something that goes beyond the extra character taken from a successful saga.

As also reported by , in fact, Elden Ring has been transformed into a horror game similar to Silent Hill thanks to a new mod.

Streamer LilAggy – best known for his Elden Ring speedruns – has created and installed a mod that adds a fog effect in all respects similar to that seen in the Konami survival horror saga.

The fog everywhere will in fact restore that feeling of disorientation and claustrophobia typical of the classic Silent Hill of the past, for a truly disturbing final effect.

A little further down, in the dedicated tweet, you will find a short but intense clip showing the result obtained by LilAggy:

The mod also deactivates the HUD and randomizes opponents, transforming Elden Ring into a true horror experience in which visibility is poor and terrifying enemies they can jump out at any time.

But that’s not all: the mod also removes map details, making navigation particularly complicated . Modder Matt Gruen, creator of this new work, has announced that the download will soon be made public.

Staying on the subject, recently another Elden Ring mod will allow you to face the threats of the Interregnum as the fearsome Pyramid Head, dark villain in the Silent Hill saga .

Finally, Silent Hills / P.T. is reborn (so to speak) on PC thanks to an enterprising Halo Infinite player who recreated the horror experience never born by Kojima and Del Toro in the FPS of 343i.

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