Silent Hill, a forgotten variant resurfaces from the PS1 era

Silent Hill makes no mention of returning with a new chapter and fans no longer know what hope to hold on with regard to the survival horror franchise. Konami .

The last episode of the saga of the publisher of Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania dates back to nine years ago, and the same goes for the IP relating to hunters of vampires, with the latest Lords of Shadow 2 launched in 2014.

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The news of Konami’s rejection of the sequel to a much-loved chapter is not particularly exciting, even if the discarded project has already become another game.

Now, thanks to a post on Reddit , you can see (for those in the dark) that originally there were two versions of the very first Silent Hill , launched in 1999 on PS1.

The analysis posted by the user -_Gemini_- sheds light on this really curious aspect, and will make fans happy waiting for new content on ‘IP survival horror.

« Many of you will know that there are two versions of Silent Hill , one with the original black border, and the Greatest variant Hits . Well, this is only part of the truth “reads the incipit of the post.

« Lately» , continues the user, « I’ve heard about a hypothetical” first edition “of the game and the differences than it would have compared to the others ».

« While looking for more details I finally came across a find: I discovered that, at the time, some PS1 games had preorder editions, which included” brilliant “manuals. “Similar to some cards from Magic The Gathering» , added -_Gemini_-, moving towards the conclusion.

« Obviously, I couldn’t help but purchase one of these copies and compared it to a standard version of the game I already own ».

In the following image, you can see all the differences :

The standard copy is the one on the left, while the special one is on the right. The same goes for the lower photo: the basic edition at the top and the “ variant ” at the bottom.

As you may have noticed, something immediately catches the eye: despite being static images, it is possible to notice a brilliance clearly greater in the copy intended for pre-orders (both in the disc and in the manual) with much darker shades on the basic version.

The most loyal fans of the title of the publisher of Metal Gear Solid will absolutely not be able to miss the opportunity to recover this gem and add it to the their collection .

If following this interesting discovery your interest in Silent Hill has suddenly rekindled, you can review the chronological order of the saga and retrace the exact course of events.

Speaking of hidden chapters and mysterious editions, did you know that a portable chapter inspired by Silent Hill 2 has been canceled?

But (perhaps) all is not lost: Konami has recently anticipated some collaborations with external studios that could lead to an unexpected, as requested, return of the famous saga.

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