Silent Hill 2: the Konami horror celebrates its 18th birthday

It was 24 September 2001 and on PlayStation 2 one of the most beloved survival horror of all time was released, Silent Hill 2 , which turns 18 today.

Second chapter of the video game series Konami , the title was subsequently distributed also for Xbox and PC Windows. Subsequently, in 2012 a high definition version was released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The title was not set as a direct sequel to the first chapter (the protagonist is not the same), although it is set in the city that was the scene of the events of the original title, even though it managed to maintain the same anxiety burden as its predecessor, thanks also to a really surprising graphical sector at the time.

Silent Hill 2 introduced among other things the character of Pyramid Head , one of the most iconic enemies of the saga (later appeared in Silent Hill: Homecoming and in the two films dedicated to the series).

Finally, Silent Hill 2 reached one million copies just a month after the title came out on the shelves.

In any case, you have already read that Konami Europe president Masami Saso has revealed that the Japanese company intends to work on “globally known IPs in the near future”?

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