Silent Hill 2 Remake seems more and more real, a new leak appears

Silent Hill 2 Remake is one of those names that quickly become a catchphrase, often turning into something hard to believe.

The beloved horror saga, which you can find on Amazon, has been missing for a long time and fans feel the need for a project dedicated to it.

We’ve been talking about Silent Hill 2 for a while now, because recently a lot of rumors wanted an announcement coming to the Tokyo Game Show 2022.

Just yesterday the umpteenth screenshots resulting from leaks arrived and, to some day from the beginning of the Japanese event, more will arrive.

Not even the time to understand if the above screenshots were true or not that the web is filled with new leaks .

New screenshots added to yesterday’s selection, first bounced to Resetera and then also corroborated by the famous insider Dusk Golem , who has always been well informed and punctual about the world of video games.

If the first images (you see them above) actually seemed to be related to something that may look like Silent Hill 2 Remake , the new leaks are related to a another project indeed.

Dusk Golem refers to something called Project Sakura , which could be a new Silent Hill or something new:

Described as a “playable concept” , exclusive to PlayStation 5 digitally, perhaps something very similar to the late Silent Hills by Hideo Kojima.

Dusk Golem confidently states that this leak is true and, for those who know Japanese, in the tweet above the plot of this Project Sakura is even revealed.

These leaks come as a result of further confirmations of the past few days, and at this point there are so many rumors about Silent Hill 2 , whether it is a remake or not.

In the meantime, fans are creating their own remake of the game, obviously in Unreal Engine 5 , and the result is not bad at all.

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