Shenmue III: new details from EDGE

We were young, when Shenmue III was announced at E3 2015. The ambitious new project by Yu Suzuki, still in production after the crowdfunding campaign and after the support found in Deep Silver, is the protagonist of the new issue of the famous magazine EDGE , which has published some juicy articles related details.

On the forum ResetEra , the latter could not go unnoticed – and in fact a summary summary of all the information arrived more significant that have emerged. We also offer you a quick rundown of the details not to be missed:

  • Yu Suzuki is working hard on the historical context of the game . The author is consulting documents in his possession for twenty years, which are rooted in the Chinese tribes, their villages and their habits and customs, to reproduce a scenario that can be credible and truthful.
  • link to the first point, if the first two games had a modern scenario, this time the focus will instead be placed on the ancient culture of China and its religious beliefs.
  • The game he will start in a village called Bailu, at a fairly calm pace. You will be foreigners and you will be seen as such, so people will talk little and you will need to complete tasks to unlock more options for interaction and dialogue, making yourself known. Different, however, when there will be Shenhua with you, since the locals know her and trust her, so they will be more open with you too.
  • Every villager will have a day cycle and night just like in the previous games.
  • Ryo is a city boy and this will create funny comparisons between his way of seeing things and that of the villagers. li>
  • According to Suzuki, the game looks very much introspection . We will focus a lot on Ryo’s character and find out more about him.
  • The same voice actors of the previous games return.
  • There will be a network of relationships that connect the characters, which they have their back-stories, Suzuki specifies.

Regarding other game mechanics, like the combat system and the relationships between characters , we learn the following:

  • There will be the affinity system , which will define the relationship between Ryo and Shenhua. The way these two characters will develop their affinity will be a big part of the game’s history.
  • On the combat system , it will be more rollic than previously, repeat the moves will allow you to refine and learn them better.
  • You can customize Ryo’s clothes during training sessions.
  • To train, you will need to complete the mini-games , based mainly on rhythmicity.
  • There will be fighting clubs in a city that you can visit within the game, where you can face challengers. According to the authors, those who want to master the combat system will spend a lot of time having fun with these challenges.

Overall, the colleagues of the magazine EDGE said they were very positive about what they could see . For his part, Yu Suzuki wanted to reaffirm on several occasions that it is also important for him that the game be perceived and experienced by the public as a Shenmue , so it is his job to make sure that it embodies its identity and heritage. Surely today’s games are more open world than in the past, but Suzuki does not want to chase the modern trends , if the price is to compromise the identity of Shenmue.

do you feel the conditions for this game, pending the release of the next 27 August ?

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