Shadow of the Erdtree now has an easy mode (free, but unofficial)

The downloadable content of Elden Ring, i.e. Shadow of the Erdtree, proved to be much more difficult than the base game.\r\nThe DLC of the well-known souls game by FromSoftware (which you can find in a bundle on Amazon) is therefore not an experience to be tackled casually light.\r\nMoreover, many people complained about the difficulty level, so much so that it started a wave of negative reviews.\r\nThe downloadable content is quite difficult, as it features the most difficult bosses From has ever created. The studio won’t lower the game’s difficulty to get attention, but apparently modders have taken matters into their own hands (via Tech4Gamers).\r\nIn fact, some rather willing fans have created an actual easy mode for Shadow of the Erdtree.\r\nThe mod\

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