Sekiro, player exaggerates: two bosses in a row without damage

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is an objectively difficult title, responsible for giving a good deal of a hard time to all the fans who have chosen to play it.

From Software’s game features a combat system that leaves little room for uncertainty, and perfecting it means being a true master of the sword.

The product starred in an interesting ritual by a fan struck by the time it took Elden Ring to show itself. Devoured by waiting, the player decided to defeat the final boss every day until the reveal.

Now, the new work of Hidetaka Miyazaki and George RR Martin finally presented himself properly (complete with release date) and the American writer took the opportunity to provide some more details about the world he helped create.

Sekiro continues to entertain fans thanks to the depth of its combat system, and now a player has decided to test himself by challenging two bosses at the same time.

The feat was duly documented in a video shared on Reddit by the same author, showing a deep knowledge of the title and a perfect command fighting techniques:

Soloing two bosses at once without death / healing from Sekiro

Toastwithhoney managed to win the fight not only without dying , but also by avoiding healing . This is a perfect performance that not all Sekiro Shadows Die Twice fans would be able to replicate.

The users of the platform have compliments to the player, and some of them have admitted that “ absolutely not able to do such a thing”.

Someone pointed out that “ these two bosses put together create one of the hardest fights in the whole game ” and the video doesn’t than confirm it.

The experienced gamer and author of the video revealed that he had “ trained for nine months before being able to achieve this”.

This is an enviable achievement, and the community did not hold back when it came time to congratulate the user for completing a similar feat .

If you miss the atmosphere of the title, you will be happy to take a look at Project Galileo , a new soulslike set in Italy developed by the Italian independent software house Jyamma Games.

Will Elden Ring boast a similar difficulty as seen in Sekiro ? If this question bothers you, know that Hidetaka Miyazaki has provided some additional details on the subject.

But the news does not end there: a series of further clarifications on important elements such as the weather and the stealth factor (and more) arrived a few days ago in official form.

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