Russia wants to create “its” Electronic Arts, to save the economy

During the war in Ukraine, which sadly is about to arrive a year after its start, Russia wants to try to rehabilitate the video game industry hoping to create “its” Electronic Arts.

One of the many symbolic video games of this historical period, however, is Stalker 2 (you can find it on Amazon), developed by Ukrainians who in the meantime are fighting for the their country.

That they are not the only ones in the world of video games. A member of the Metro Exodus team lost his life while fighting against the Russian army.

The Ukrainian people are generally stoic also in morale, because recently some have used GTA memes to make fun of Russia.

Meanwhile, Russia is in any case also suffering from an economic point of view, also in the video game industry.

As ​​PC Gamer reports, in fact, the government is trying to start a maneuver to give new life to the battered Russian gaming industry.

At the same time that very famous video games are banned, because they are guilty of promoting LGBT propaganda, there is talk of creating a “Russian Electronic Arts”.

At a meeting held between officials and industry representatives at the Russian Ministry of Digital Development on December 15, the government began considering a federal project called “The gaming industry of the future”. One of the options is to “find a Russian Electronic Arts to help streamline the publishing of high-quality Russian games.”

The Russian authorities hope to create a new set of institutions to stabilize and block the development of the Russian game. In addition to two bodies set to focus on industry regulation, research and education, officials also want to establish “Rosgame”: a center for the “strategic development” of the Russian gaming industry, which would focus on “industry regeneration and development” as well as “game development and publishing”.

There is also talk of huge investments of up to $7 billion to revitalize the industry, complete with an “ambitious scenario” that foresees an injection of $20 billion to give a “turnaround to the sector”.

Meanwhile, the office of Dmitry Chernyshenko, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister for Tourism, Sports, Culture and Communications, made it clear that the authorities still haven’t figured out how to finance any of this.

Let’s see what happens at this point, while STALKER 2 is back on display with a new trailer complete with release date.

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