Riot Games unveils mysterious new games from the world of League of Legends

League of Legends will continue its expansion outside of MOBAs in 2023, with Riot Games beginning unveiling three new games belonging to the franchise.

The original Riot Games platform has many stimuli for players, between content to buy (using Riot Points that can be purchased on Amazon) and now new titles.

An expansion path that began many years ago with the creation of the Riot Forge label, responsible for the publication of products developed by third parties.

One ​​of these had already been leaked some time ago but now, as often happens in these cases , the official confirmation has arrived.

Riot Forge has announced the final plans for 2023 with the trailer you see above, in which appear The Mageseeker: A League of Legend Story, Song of Nunu and Convergence.

The first is the subject of the recent leak, a 2D action role-playing game in pixel art, set in Demacia, one of the many kingdoms found in Runeterra, the world of League of Legends. Just as it emerged from the leak, in The Mageseeker players will assume the role of Sylas, one of the many champions of LoL and a skilled user of magic, as he seeks vengeance against those who imprisoned him.

Song Of Nunu is a single player adventure by Tequila Works, already known for Rime . As young Nunu and his yeti friend Willump, the story will see us busy finding the boy’s mother.

Convergence, on the other hand, features Ekko (who also appeared in Netflix’s Arcane ) and seems to be a sort of 2D metroidvania in which there will be mechanics related to time control, such as character powers.

Riot Forge therefore continues the remarkable expansion of the League of Legends franchise with titles that range greatly from the MOBA genre.

In the meantime, Riot Games is still working on its productions, including Valorant, of which new versions may soon arrive.

Who knows that it can recover the fortunes of the company, which was recently forced to start a wave of layoffs.

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