Resident Evil, goodbye to fan remakes (because of Capcom)

Resident Evil Code Veronica certainly needs no introduction, so much so that fans of the Capcom saga were working on a new really amazing fan remake. We said «they were», since Capcom has stopped the project.

The success of games such as  Resident Evil Village, which has recently returned in a Gold Edition ( that you can get at the lowest guaranteed price on Amazon) has shown that Capcom’s horror franchise is in excellent health, although fans have long been asking for a remake of the classic title released on the Dreamcast.

The unofficial fanmade remake of Resident Evil Code Veronica, made by an Iberian enthusiast, in fact had all the credentials to please and be liked.

Now, although the project was scheduled for release during 2022, apparently there is no will do nothing more, as decided by the Japanese publisher holding the rights.

As reported by Game Rant, the massive remake project of Resident Evil Code Veronica has been halted, apparently due to requests from Capcom.

For one reason or another, due to having received an HD remaster, the chapter in question has not received the same treatment as other games in the series (the last time it was officially re-released was in 2011 on PS3 and Xbox 360).

The development of the fan remake had progressed to such an extent that the developers released a demo of Resident Evil Code Veronica and announced their intention to release it this year.

However, Capcom would have asked that the development of the remake be stopped, threatening legal action (for the use of copyrighted material owned by the company).

But that’s not all: “the remake of the remake” of the first Biohazard has also been blocked, thus leaving fans with a handful of flies, unfortunately. This is reminiscent of what happened years ago with the remake of Resident Evil 2 made by the very Italian Invader Studios, blocked by Capcom but then “transformed” into Daymare 1998.

Still on the subject, have you read that the events of Code Veronica could be at the center of the sequel to the live-action film of Resident Evil?

But that’s not all: another particularly die-hard fan is working full-time on a demake of Resident Evil Code Veronica PSX.

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