Resident Evil fans debate which enemy is scarier

Resident Evil 4 Remake is one of the most anticipated titles of the coming weeks, although fans have now made an appointment to discuss who is the enemy – or better, the enemies – scarier than the entire Resident Evil franchise.

The remake of the fourth episode of the horror series (which you can find on Amazon at a very attractive price) will bring back a brand that has never really been forgotten.

Now, while fans are having fun making truly amazing demakes, it’s time to talk about a specific element of the Biohazard saga, namely monstrous adversaries.

As ​​also reported by Game Rant, in fact, fans of Resident Evil discuss what is the scariest enemy ever ever to appear in the saga.

A recent thread on Reddit asks players the question of who is the most terrifying Resident Evil enemy of all time.

The user who started the discussion, MEI_K8, proposed some examples and hundreds of comments have given insight into the type of creatures that keep some players awake at night.

The Regenerator and Crimson Head have been mentioned, while other players have made it known that the lethal Hunter is in fact also one of the scariest .

Since MEI_K8 asked users to choose from a select few enemies, none of the saga bosses was mentioned, not even Mr. X of RE2 Remake. And, of course, nobody seems scared of Lady Dimitrescu of Village.

It’s no surprise that Regenerator and Crimson Head often appear in the discussion: the first, straight from Resident Evil 4, has the ability to regenerate (hence the name), which makes him an enemy fearsome. The Crimson Heads, on the other hand, are a mutated form of zombies that have come back to life, but faster and more lethal than the basic version.

Speaking of Resident Evil 4 Remake, the remake will be very faithful to the title originally released on the Nintendo GameCube, since apparently the longevity will also be more or less identical.

But that’s not all: it has been confirmed that none of the major sections of Capcom’s original Resident Evil 4 will be cut in the remake due out next March.

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