Resident Evil Code Veronica Remake will be a gift from fans in 2022

Resident Evil Code Veronica is one of those titles that fans have been asking for a remake for a long time, although Capcom hasn’t announced anything official yet.

After the success of Resident Evil 3 , the hunger for remakes of the horror series classics doesn’t seem to have subsided in any way.

This is even more evident in the unofficial fanmade remake of Resident Evil Code Veronica , made by an Iberian enthusiast.

After all, the same Shinji Mikami – one of the fathers of the genre and of the Resident Evil series – has recently told some background on the franchise and his vision for the spin-off.

The game looks pretty well done, as evidenced by the build shown in the trailer that you find below, which confirms that the launch is scheduled for 2022 .

The video in question shows a segment of the adventure of Claire Redfield , all in a setting that slavishly recalls that of the official remakes of RE2 and RE3 .

Although it is not a made in Capcom project, the general quality surprises in a positive way, so as not to disfigure in a possible upcoming remake.

A PC demo is available for download in English, Spanish and Portuguese and has been available for several weeks on the Recvfanremake website.

Speaking of remakes of a certain level, after seven long years of work the incredible Resident Evil 4 HD Project mod will be launched on PC very soon.

But that’s not all: the Resident Evil 4 demake, reimagined as a classic chapter available on PSOne, is also really not to be missed.

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