Reggie Fils-Aime prevented Nintendo from changing its logo

It happens that some companies, in an attempt to reinvent themselves, also carry their logo – perhaps ending up making themselves less recognizable to consumers and loyal customers. It was a path that could have been followed by Nintendo , said the former president of the American division, Reggie Fils-Aimé , during an interview.

In a curious background during a podcast, the former president not only discussed the birth of my body is ready : he also recalled an episode that dates back to the moments when the big N was looking for to replace its traditional logo – with one made in … graffiti style. Or something like that.

In the words of the former president:

When I joined Nintendo, there was almost a sense of shame in the fact that we had an appeal to young consumers. The Nintendo of America marketing team then started doing things with the logo – the classic one, in an oval shape – trying to fix it in the graffiti style, or make it look aged.

Fils-Aimé, however, decided to cut these experiments:

I put an end to all this, because it would not have been our brand. What we needed was, yes, to have appeal to a wider audience, but we had to do it based on the brand we represented, and not in some way false.

That’s why it was decided to stay on the “clean” logo that accompanied the Wii releases and Switch. A choice that probably turned out to be spot on, considering the great recognition of the Nintendo logo.

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