Red Dead Redemption, the PS5 remake circulating on the net is a fake

The rumor of a possible collection of Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption quickly went around the net 2 remade for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The rumor, which we haven’t published before since it came from an unreliable source, quickly turned out to be a fake.

The compilation, called Red Dead Redemption The Outlaws Collection , would be leaked by Amazon with a release scheduled for 2021.

However, a member of the Kotaku staff dismantled what turned out to be a fake with a brief analysis of the attached images.

Among the details we note that the two images of John Marston and Arthur Morgan are the first to jump out on Google looking for photos in PNG (that is, usable with the necessary transparency on Photoshop) of the two characters .

Also, other details have been improperly left on the page , from the sun behind the characters (identical to the one on the cover of i RDR 2 ) at the date of the return, previous to the one attached as provisional for the product launch.

The source in question, therefore, has been confirmed to be unreliable and the hope is that it will not be given further prominence in the future.

As for Red Dead Redemption, a remake for next-generation consoles is always very high in fan requests, but Rockstar Games seems to be busy on other fronts for now.

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