Red Dead Redemption, but on PS1, is a dip in 1998

It is not the first time that great classics of the modern era have been transformed – if we can say so – into games of the past, perhaps belonging to the generation of the first 32-bit PlayStation .

After all, the first and unforgettable Sony console (which you can also find on Amazon in a mini version) has left its mark in the world of video games in an absolutely overwhelming way.

In fact, there are those who have imagined Metal Gear Solid V , or at least the main model of Venom Snake, in perfect PSOne style.

Or again, Elden Ring also received the same treatment, for a result as deliciously retro as surprising. Now, however, it’s up to Rockstar’s great western classic to go back to the distant 1998 : we’re talking about Red Dead Redemption .

User 98DEMAKE has released a video – or better to speak of a tech demo – showing an ideal 32-bit version of Red Dead Redemption .

The video, lasting just over two minutes, showcases old polygonal models edgy and with huge pixels as a border, in perfect PS1 style.

The look, however, is in all respects similar to that of the Rockstar title, so much so that – net of the intentionally made completely raw – the final result is still unique. Find the movie a little further down, in the dedicated player.

Staying on the subject, did you see that a few months ago a fan started a demake of The Last of Us Part II , like it came out on the first PlayStation?

Staying on the subject of great PSOne classics to be rediscovered, did you read that a well-known Square RPG from the late 90s would be returning to PS4 and Switch during the month of August?

But not only that: recently someone created a fan remake in Unreal Engine of Dino Crisis , the legendary survival horror with dinosaurs that appeared on the first PlayStation thanks to Capcom.

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