Red Dead Redemption 2, revealed more cut content lost forever

The game files for Red Dead Redemption 2 have revealed new cut (and never released) content for Red Dead Online , just as Rockstar is about to abandon the quintessential western multiplayer sandbox.

The open world title set in the Far West (you can do it too by buying it on Amazon ) has in fact a multiplayer sector on its side, unfortunately abandoned to itself over the years .

In recent times, some Red Dead Redemption 2 fans have discovered some really important cut content, although apparently RDO might have something of a more .

As also reported by PC Games N , in fact, the online sector of RDR2 came very close to having content that was then removed from the final version or never included within it .

Red Dead Online was updated on September 6 with new telegram missions as well as a number of bug fixes.

This update, however, is far less substantial than the latest RDO , Blood Money , also added a new in-game credits message, thanking everyone who helped create Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online .

Along with a similar message that appeared on the GTA Online website, this suggests that Rockstar is fully focusing on the production of GTA 6 , with more news coming on the release date of the sixth chapter.

However, a series of hidden files and lines of code in Red Dead Redemption 2 now appear to reveal other content originally intended for Red Dead Online .

YouTuber McDizzle Gaming brought to attention a number of Red Dead Online assets and assets that have not yet been released in the actual game and which, given its current state, are likely will not see the light .

Most significant are the additional dialogue lines for your partner, Cripps , which refer to the player wearing a deputy sheriff badge .

McDizzle Gaming speculates that these jokes may have appeared in connection with an additional role of the player – in addition to that of bounty hunter, collector and various others – that would have seen the Red Dead Online player operate as an agent. law enforcement .

Also visible in the game files is a large freight wagon , which would have appeared in the player’s base camp, again perhaps alluding to an additional role as a merchant .

There are also traces of buyers or “enclosures” for wild horses , as equines can be ridden but not saddled or sold.

Harriet also has an unused dialogue line in which she asks the player to catch a legendary fish , implying that these unique animals could have been present in both the online game and in the single player one.

Finally, an NPC model by the name of Seth Briers , the frantic and paranoid gravedigger of the original Red Dead Redemption has also been spotted. may have somehow appeared in Red Dead Online .

Staying on the subject, did you see one fan really went further, merging RDR2 into a true spaghetti western movie?

But that’s not all: Rockstar recently released a new update for the game to improve the technical sector even more.

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