Red Dead Redemption 2, RDO anticipates the fate of a hated character

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most immersive storytelling titles of the last generation (and also of the current one), in particular for the how he manages to make Arthur Morgan’s villains hate.

Rockstar Games’ western open world also has a rich multiplayer component, Red Dead Online , which is continually updated by both developers and modders.

This is where an enthusiast made a very curious discovery, potentially spoilers in case you didn’t finish the story.

A story that continues to reserve surprises even for the most hardcore players, like when a user found himself witnessing a “secret” conversation only after several runs.

In the same way, the routines of the enemies never cease to amaze, which frequently, even years after the original release, take on unpredictable behaviors.

Don’t read any further if you don’t want spoilers about the Red Dead Redemption 2 story

A fan took a photo from Red Dead Online and shared it on the Reddit forums, arousing the curiosity of the community.

In this photo, as the player explains, you can see «someone who shouldn’t be there yet in RDO» for temporal reasons.

As fans know, in fact, Red Dead Online is set a year before the events of Red Dead Redemption 2 even if in the same location.

The redditor was surprised when he saw this scene in front of him:

Just found someone in rdo, who should not be there yet. from reddeadredemption

With his character, jjjasper was basically looking at the corpse of Micah Bell – that is, of a character who should still be alive in the days of RDO.

Micah Bell loses his life in the closing lines of Arthur Morgan’s parable , being defeated by him and in that snowy environment explored by the gamer.

But, considering the time coordinates of the multiplayer mode, his body shouldn’t be there yet , as it should be at least another year old by then.

While there are those who have taken the joke, observing how he might just be sleeping, one user seems to have the solution to the mystery.

Someone might just have entered it via a mod, which somehow went unnoticed at Rockstar Games, just as it did when Arthur was spotted in New Austin.

Not only these tricks, however, but also ways to make Red Dead Redemption 2 more realistic in player-made mods.

Not that the title lacked realism, it must be said: did you see how it manages to simulate the behavior of fish in the water with maniacal care?

Same thing could be said of a fan’s recent “discovery”, which he saw as Trelawny’s new home in Saint Denis is not just a narrative gimmick.

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