Red Dead Redemption 2, Hurricane Ida strikes an iconic location

When the degree of realism in video games is practically close to reality, as in the case of Red Dead Redemption 2 , it can happen that real events , in this case the consequences of Hurricane Ida, are linked to the videogame ones.

If on the one hand Arthur Morgan’s path to redemption is full of memorable locations, on the other hand the opportunity to return to talking about the game is actually not the most pleasant.

With regards to the attention to detail, the Rockstar Games title has literally made school, and after almost three years from its launch, subtleties that have eluded many continue to come to light, the last of which relates to weapons.

Secrets and hidden details have not been left in the background even as regards the names of the characters, protagonists or supporting actors.

About a month ago, a user discovered that one of the best-known locations in the game, Braithwaite Manor , really exists and is located in Louisiana.

The real name of the Braithwaite family home is Oak Valley Plantation and is similar in all respects to the digital version seen in Red Dead Redemption 2 , including the long path that leads to it.

Until a few days ago, the original location looked like this (via GameRant ):

The REAL Braithwaite manor! from reddeadredemption

Now, unfortunately, things are no longer like this, and the cause is to be found in the devastating passage of the hurricane Ida , responsible for literally having devastated Louisiana (and beyond).

Following its passage, Oak Valley Plantation / Braithwaite Manor is in the following conditions :

The Real Life “Braithwaite Manor” aka Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana after Hurricane Ida from reddeadredemption

Fortunately, the structure has remained intact, but what catches the eye is that the long avenue surrounded by oaks appears much more bare than in the past.

The power of the hurricane has in fact removed most of the leaves that gave the location a unique atmosphere, making the panorama much more bare and, in a certain sense , spectral .

If after this news you feel like enjoying the splendid views of Red Dead Redemption 2 once again, you can do it next-gen by taking advantage of the Nvidia update.

The same goes for the stunning behavior of some animals, which contribute to making the title still very current from a technical and content point of view.

Among the many details worthy of praise there is one that catches the eye for its inaccuracy, even if it is something really marginal and related to a pocket watch.

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