Red Dead Redemption 2, found an “unusual” method to fight wolves

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a truly extraordinary title full of things to do and see, as evidenced by the fact that month after month curiosities keep popping up.

Without taking anything away from John Marston’s first adventure, the sequel to the Rockstar western adventure is truly a fresco of the Far West like few in the world.

While users have already had trouble noticing the difference between gameplay sequences and cut-scenes, others have come up with a rather cheap way to solve a rather serious matter with a wolf .

In the video below, a player shows how to save an NPC from an attack by a lupine canid, which seems to leave no chance for the poor victim.

How to properly save someone from a wolf attack from RDR2

Avoiding who knows what tactics or ranged attacks, the brave player decides to face the beast head-on, delivering a loud kick in the belly .

The blow seems to be enough to make the wolf flee, decidedly frightened and fled on his paws, allowing the NPC to survive the attack .

Of course, this very unorthodox tactic doesn’t always work (in fact, it’s really unlikely), and other animals – including bears – certainly won’t escape after a single kick.

However, the surprise remains of how the player decided to face the canid with a decent cold blood and without the aid of weapons , despite the real luck being that the wolf was not hunting in packs , otherwise the matter could have ended differently.

A user has also spread his own physical reproduction of the world of Red Dead Redemption , in order to take and account of the progress made so far for the completion of the adventure.

Have you already seen that GTA San Andreas protagonist, the legendary CJ, was included in the Rockstar western title?

And that a player seems to have decided to create a real “hobby” out of thin air that pulls alligators down?

Finally, in Red Dead Redemption 2 there is a rather strange rock, engraved with some names and unidentified initials.

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