Red Dead Redemption 2 becomes more beautiful to watch “thanks” to Cyberpunk 2077 (and the fans)

Red Dead Redemption 2 players continue to admire the Rockstar title, many years after the game was released in stores.

The open world western from the creators of GTA (which you can find on Amazon at a truly remarkable price) has in fact for some time been at the center of mod and various devices, often able to enhance the whole experience.

Just think of the really interesting mod recently released for Red Dead Redemption 2, which has almost completely revised the system of laws of the game.

Or the one that can make the villains of the game ‘next-gen’, in a truly surprising way : now, however, we have gone even further, transforming the game from a visual point of view .

As also reported by Wccftech , a new mod of Red Dead Redemption 2 shared online introduces AMD FSR 2.0 support into the game, in order to achieve huge visual and performance improvements.

Based on PotatoOfDoom’s Cyberpunk 2077 mod FSR 2.0, this replaces the game’s NVIDIA DLSS implementation with FSR 2.0, bringing performance and graphics enhancements to the cards as well. graphics not RTX .

With increased performance and improved visual fidelity, this mod is perfect if you’re having trouble running the game at native resolution on a non-Nvidia card.

You can download the mod – obviously in totally free form – from this address, while below you will find the usual screens.

Staying on the subject, the players have recently decreed – almost unanimously. the worst flaw of Red Dead Redemption 2 , which surprises up to a point.

But that’s not all: another Red Dead Redemption 2 fan discovered a very special interaction during the game’s epilogue, so much so that many were impressed.

Finally, someone else has decided to recreate the original chapter of the Rockstar open world series in Unreal Engine 5, making you dream about a possible third episode (or, why not, a remaster of the first).

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