Red Dead Redemption 2, a fan runs into a very disturbing moment

Games like Red Dead Redemption 2 are big enough to hide a lot of things inside, some of which can even be surprising.

The mammoth western title from Rockstar Games , which you can now retrieve at a very good price, has been a real world for many players to get lost in.

Although sometimes the offer was not enough , as some modders have even managed to create a second single player campaign after the original one.

And the original game world has always been updated by fans, who have added new areas by doing become the game even more mammoth.

Among the many things that the Rockstar title manages to do with great effectiveness is staging the rawness of life in the Far West.

A historical period in which life was often in danger and, in in general, it could lead some people to make rash gestures.

Like the one discovered by a Reddit user who, as you can see from the video below, found himself in front of a very disturbing scene.

Did I just see a dude hang himself? from reddeadredemption

Wandering around old America, the player noticed a scene taking place on a distant mountain in front of him: a man hanging himself.

A situation so surreal and crude that the player himself wondered if he really had just witnessed the hanging of a man.

Sure it wouldn’t be out of place to see such a thing in a tale as crude as Red Dead Redemption 2 , but there may be a simpler explanation and less evocative.

As they suggest in the comments, it is likely that by approaching the player only triggered the spawn of the body that was already hanged, giving the illusion that he was doing it right now.

We like to stick with the idea that the starting player’s option may be true. As well as that, somewhere, there is the next-gen port of the now canceled game.

Speaking of video games that get creepy, have you ever thought about what Snorlax would be like in the real world ? Cute? Not exactly.

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