Records of monthly users active on Xbox Live in the last quarter

Microsoft announced some time ago that it was no longer interested in spreading the numbers of monthly users active on Xbox Live , but with the closing of the last quarter , on September 30, 2019, some very interesting data arrived on the market trend of the Redmond giant. The CEO Satya Nadella, in fact, has revealed that “we have seen a record month, with regard to monthly users active on Xbox Live, with increases both on consoles and on mobile than on PC, as well as a continuous growth in the number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers ».

Previously, Microsoft had anticipated that monthly users active on Xbox Live were talking about 65 million – a number that, therefore, went on to increase further.

To help the online services of Xbox in this positive moment is certainly the excellent Gears 5 : “has seen over three million players only on its first weekend.” And we learn also that “ten years later, Minecraft is stronger than ever, with record revenues and uses: we are bringing this franchise to new people, thanks to Minecraft Earth.”

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The numbers speak of revenue from gaming reduced by 7% for Microsoft, or $ 2.54 billion. This small decline, the company explains, is linked to the slowdown in sales of Xbox hardware, which was physiological at the end of generation – slowed by 34% compared to the previous period. Revenue from content and services for Xbox instead increased by 1% compared to last year.

For the next quarter, Microsoft expects a 20% decrease from its gaming section, due to a further slowdown in sales consoles and for the abundance of third party offers that will arrive. The future, instead, will go through Project xCloud (the idea of ​​Microsoft’s cloud) and Project Scarlett , its next generation console.

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