PS5, Xbox Series X: when will the semiconductor crisis end? Talk about AMD

At the present time, getting your hands on a next-gen console, PS5 or Xbox Series X is no big deal recently, and it seems that it will remain so for quite a while.

If Sony’s flagship is also highly sought after for the ability to play titles such as Returnal or the more recent Deathloop , the same can be said of that of Microsoft, backed by an enviable catalog of titles offered through Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft took care of the (very temporary) solution to the problem, which managed to donate a PS5 (you got it right) to the protagonist of the new Arkane title in record time.

But it is precisely through Microsoft’s mouth that further bad news arrives, which allow us to glimpse a not very reassuring panorama even for 2022.

To increase the dose, an intervention by Lisa Su , CEO of AMD , arrived through a report from the US network CNN .

President of AMD since 2014, Lisa Su has returned once again to talk about the semiconductor crisis and the period in which she believes it may be easing (but not be resolved permanently).

As also reported by GameRant , this is the second half of 2022 , by which time the shortage should become « less serious », while for the first six months of next year things will remain more or less unchanged .

Su attempted to reassure users by recalling that in the past AMD has already faced “ ups and downs “, albeit not so serious, and that once again he will do his best to handle the situation.

According to the CEO of AMD, the improvements will come gradually and, also thanks to the construction of new plants, production will increase significantly compared to now.

Lisa Su’s words recall those of Jensen Huang , CEO of Nvidia, who at the end of August said he was convinced that the problem of shortage of semiconductors would be significantly improved in 2022.

AMD itself had tackled the problem during the summer, once again through Lisa Su, where a first hint of 2022 had already appeared.

While nowhere to be found, PS5 has just broken a new record in the UK so far proudly held by PS4.

Meanwhile, the Sony flagship is preparing to receive new updates: the platform owner has a number of “ great ideas ” to launch on PS5 in the near future.

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