PS5, the latest firmware may have caused a problem

The latest system update for PS5 has been available for a few days, adding several features to Sony’s current-gen console.

Although there are those who are still waiting for the arrival of new stocks (you can request an invitation on Amazon ), Sony has recently released the update 6.0 with some of the most anticipated features since launch.

The new patch also allows you to request a « Share Screen » session from a party member, it will improve the profile view of your friends and much more.

Now, however, as also reported by PSU , some users are reporting that after the latest firmware update the PS5 controller, the DualSense, has drifting problems .

Several players are in fact reporting via Reddit that after the latest PS5 firmware update, the DualSense controller started drifting problems .

Put simply, it looks like the analog sticks now perform directional input even if the player is not actually touching anything.

According to some users, downloading the DualSense firmware 0307 update via PC would actually cause the problem at its root, so much so that one gamer stated that his controller was working fine before downloading the ‘update and before the left stick started to fail .

Another user reported instead that he was playing before stopping to update the DualSense controller, after which the stick began to drift .

At the moment, Sony has not confirmed or denied anything, including the confirmation of a possible and further corrective patch for obviously the problem. We will obviously keep you updated as soon as we know more.

We also remember that in the future there will be another of the most anticipated news from competitive fans: Sony is in fact about to start testing for the return of tournaments on PS5.

But not only: PS5 is a success, but it was beaten “at home” by an unsuspected console, as revealed right now on our pages.

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