PS5, is the stock nightmare about to end? Good news arrives

The shortcomings of PS5 are now a problem that has been gripping the market for too many months, creating many problems for consumers all over the world.

If today the only next-gen console available without too many problems seems to be Xbox Series S (which you can also find on Amazon), PlayStation 5 is literally nowhere to be found.

Last year, the umpteenth semiconductor crisis from Malaysia put various global distributors in even more difficulty, so much so that to date, finding a console is really very difficult.

For its part, Sony has provided tepid reassurance regarding the units it plans to sell by 2021, although we arrived in June 2022, the situation unfortunately does not seem to have improved that much. Now, however, comes the proverbial glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel .

According to what was disclosed by Hardware Analyst Brad Kynch (via Digitimes ), according to some sources believed to be reliable, the production of components would finally return to full capacity .

This would mean that PS5 stocks are expected to actually increase by the second half of 2022 , until 2023.

This would therefore lead to a real shot in the arm for the various retailers , forced to sip PS5s available in just a handful of units, with endless buyer queues.

It is also true that last May the CEO of Intel warned that the global shortage of semiconductors will probably last until 2024, thus suggesting that the crisis is anything but coming to an end .

As of today, therefore, the latest generation consoles will continue to be difficult to buy throughout 2022, as recently confirmed by Xbox.

Meanwhile, a fan has decided to share his latest creation with his followers, a real PS5 Slim, an extremely slim console by designing the new case entirely from scratch.

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