PS5, is the new model really worse? Here comes the clarification

Days ago a new model of PS5 entered the market, although it is immediately starting a rather “worrying” problem (note the quotation marks).

More in detail, the “new” PlayStation 5 seems to be a lighter version and equipped with a new screw for the stand, which can be removed without using a screwdriver, although there are no other types of changes (not even on the DualSense side). / p>

Youtuber Austin Evans has already managed to grab one by peeking inside, in order to take a look at the internal components of the console.

It is also true that in our recent article we have explained to you what has emerged so far, in order to have a clear picture of the situation.

Now, it is the well-known journalist and insider Jeff Grubb (via VB ) to intervene on the matter, putting the real gravity on the plate the problems encountered.

The new PS5, currently on sale only and exclusively in Japan and Australia, would warm up a little more than the two base models.

Grubb reiterated the veracity of this, however explaining that if you run the same games the temperature of the console does not affect performance and therefore does not matter.

Furthermore, always the good Jeff explains that the original heatsink was quite expensive and difficult to find at the moment (also due to the presence of copper) and that therefore a revision of the model may not be a negativity in the strict sense.

At the end of the day, Evans’ “fear” of higher temperatures due to a small heatsink doesn’t seem like a thing that should alarm players, who can sleep peacefully.

Perhaps most worrying is the possibility (not too concrete for now) that PS5 will soon risk a price increase.

This, also in the face of the problem of stocks, given that even 2022 could unfortunately reserve a new shortage of units.

Finally, did you read that recently there has been a return to talk about the possibility that a big name like Starfield could also be released on PS5?

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