PS5, hackers on the attack (and they are about to prevail)

The hackers have made significant progress in bypassing the security of PS5 , a console that is preparing to celebrate his first year of life.

DualSense owners have never had particularly serious problems with the hardware system of Sony’s next-gen console.

After all, just a few days ago a new patent from Sony Interactive Entertainment suggests that the company is working on machine-learning for upscaling images on PS5.

Not to mention that the European opening of the PlayStation Direct stores will allow many players from the Old Continent to get their hands on a PS5 (stocks permitting).

Now, as also reported by The Gamer , the hacker group known as “Fail0verflow” reported today that it has identified and obtained access to the “root keys” of the PS5 , used to decrypt the PS5 firmware.

This brings the group close to the possibility of installing unauthorized software from Sony, which has certainly alarmed the company.

«We got all the PS5 root (symmetric) keys» , tweeted Fail0verflow in these hours. «They can all be obtained from the software, including the root key for the console , if you look carefully! »

PS5 security is still largely unknown even a year after the console’s release. In fact, the platform automatically registers with Sony’s servers and requests information on the user’s login account.

That said, it seems to be only a matter of time before anyone understands exactly how the mechanism works, as once hackers have identified the encryption and other anti-tampering features, bypassing them will become a foregone conclusion . reported that the same group of hackers have already managed to hack PS3 and PS4, allowing users to run any software they wanted on both consoles, including operating systems completely different from those for which each PlayStation was designed.

We’ll see if Sony goes on the counterattack, managing to create some kind of defense against any critical tampering with its home gaming system.

Speaking of PS5, you also read that Sony has recently officially (and very surprisingly) launched the PlayStation PC brand.

But that’s not all: a leaker recently published a post in which he alludes to PS5 game announcements at the upcoming The Game Awards, scheduled for December.

Finally, have you read the latest and most interesting revelations about Horizon Forbidden West , the next big PlayStation exclusive?

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