PS5, goodbye to an exclusive console function

PS5 has been in gamers’ homes for almost two years now (more or less, given the shortage of stocks on the market).

Although the only current-gen console that can be purchased without long queues is the Xbox Series S (which you can also find on Amazon), PlayStation 5 is still on everyone’s lips.

While some have been alarmed after rumors have surfaced in the last few hours that Sony may raise the price of PS5 in Japan, a detail has now been disclosed regarding an exclusive feature removed by Sony. .

As also reported by Push Square , in fact, Sony Interactive has announced have decided to remove one of the PS5’s features .

Via the official PlayStation website, Sony has announced that it has decided to cancel one of the exclusive functions PS5 , introduced to console Day One.

We are talking about the so-called Acknowledgments , which will no longer be available starting next autumn of this year.

“During the fall of 2022, the Accolades feature on PlayStation 5 will no longer be supported, as did not produce the desired level of use “, reads .

And again, «We have therefore decided to shift our focus, encouraging the community to continue sending positive messages».

For the uninitiated, the Acknowledgments feature allowed users to send feedback to other players connected to the network, during multiplayer game sections.

We also remember that recently the data for the first quarter of the fiscal year have revealed the performance of PS5 and the PlayStation business.

But that’s not all: in July Sony raised the curtain on PlayStation Stars , a new loyalty program that celebrates the player and his path in the world of gaming in its entirety.

Finally, speaking of PS5 (and PS4) again, do gamers prefer digital or physical? The data that emerged in recent days are nothing short of overwhelming.

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