PS5 focuses on updates: here are all the news most requested by fans

After the latest updates released on PS5 , Sony has shown on several occasions that it wants to continue improving the user experience with the next-gen console by offering not only the usual bug fixes, but also new features that may create interest.

The platform that allows you to play great exclusives such as Horizon Forbidden West (which you can find on offer on Amazon), while still unavailable to many players, does not intend to stop improving and has always been very attentive to the feedback of its consumers.

Sony has in fact recently asked its players to continue to send feedback , following the announcement of the removal of a feature used very few times by fans.

And the players have decided to take the PlayStation home in word: Game Rant has therefore reported what are all the most requested news by fans for possible new PS5 updates, all particularly interesting.

One of the most popular requests is certainly the possibility of installing new themes or possible custom wallpapers : it is in fact a feature particularly used on PS4 and on rival Microsoft consoles, but that in the platform next-gen doesn’t seem to have actually been implemented yet.

This would also allow the possibility of using customized sounds: the sound itself is in fact the protagonist of many of the most interesting from the community. In fact, we move from the possibility of using music to our liking during games, to an integration with Discord for voice chats and, more in general, to the improvement of the same voice commands.

The community also hopes that one of the best features of the Xbox Series X | S will also be introduced: we speak of course the Quick Resume , which allows you to pause multiple games and resume games in any time. Unfortunately, among the most anticipated news from the community, it should be emphasized that this appears to be the most unlikely one.

Finally, many fans hope that a dedicated browser will also be introduced, also taking into account the fact that it would already be “ hidden ” in the console, and the possibility of being able to activate the start-up animation that appears the first time you turn on your PS5 to your liking. The latter is of course of little use, but it could be a nice additional option for fans of customization.

In the coming weeks we will find out if Sony will be able to satisfy the numerous requests with the next updates: in the meantime, it seems that the PlayStation house is already thinking about the future of DualSense controllers.

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