PS5: Estimated sales twice as high as Xbox Series X

> There are still several before the launch of PS5 and Xbox Series X , the new next-gen platforms destined to kick off the next generation of videogames. Although the times are not yet ripe, many have estimated – or rather, hypothesized – which console will be the best-selling of the two, without giving too much away.

Now, a ‘ DFC Intelligence market analysis assumes double sales for the Sony console compared to the Microsoft one, a few months after its debut.

The numbers are truly impressive: PS5 could in fact sell hundreds of millions of units in a few years, thus doubling the new Series X.

According to DFC, Microsoft would be doing its best with the new Xbox, although in recent months it has hinted that it is too far behind Sony.

The preference of the brand towards consumers is strongly indi raised against the PlayStation, so much so that as hardware in the strict sense there is nothing that Xbox Series X is doing to change the perception of the public.

But not only: Sony it is also a global powerhouse in the world of video games, while Microsoft is only strong in English-speaking markets. Xbox has not caught on in Japan and is also quite weak in most European countries.

Sony’s strength in global distribution could be a stumbling block too big for the House of Redmond, even after about 20 years of efforts (considering the launch of the first Xbox in late 2001).

In short, the sales report of DFC Intelligence speaks of a 2: 1 in favor of PS5. Clearly, these are in any case only predictions not supported by facts (nor by actual numbers) , which is why the benefit of the doubt remains.

As a videogame editor we hope that the “challenge” (quotation marks are a must) allows players to enjoy two equally extraordinary consoles, worthy of purchase for different reasons and certainly noteworthy.

You have already read in every Is it the case that Valve president Gabe Newell spoke a few weeks ago on next-generation consoles, calling Xbox Series X definitely superior to PS5? And that PS4 flies to over 112 million consoles distributed around the world?

Source: DFC | Via: WCCFTech

Waiting for the launch of the two next-gen consoles, Amazon has already opened the product page for PlayStation 5 , also waiting for Xbox Series X.

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