PS5, DualSense is updated (and there is a bit of DualShock 4)

The DualSense controller is an integral part of the next-gen experience that Sony wants to guarantee to gamers with its PS5 .

Although the console is actually difficult to find, its lucky owners can download the substantial update since yesterday, which also has the welcome peculiarity of making the discs quieter.

In the update published by Sony, which allows, despite some problems, the storage of games inside an external USB drive, a space has been reserved for updating the DualSense firmware.

In the patch description there are no details on how many and what changes are actually made to the controller.

This is inducing a sort of hunt for change to discover and understand why the Japanese platform owner has pushed or for the unexpected update on the PS5 controller .

There are those who are hoping for an intervention on the problem related to the drifting phenomenon mentioned some time ago, an inconvenience that also affected the Joy-Con from Nintendo, although a software solution would seem complicated.

According to The Sixth Axis , it seems that Sony has also decided to optimize the behavior of its latest generation controller in PlayStation 4 games running in backwards compatibility mode.

Now, as filtered by the first tests following the update published by the Japanese company, the vibration would seem more faithful to the original DualShock 4 .

When updating your PlayStation 5, remember to connect your DualSense to the console to benefit from the improvements that Sony has reserved for you.

In the update, some hidden features have also been included as announced by Sony itself in its announcement about the update.

There are also some important changes regarding the menu and the use of Game Base, the customization of the library and new options on trophies and voice chat, now deactivated more conveniently.

PlayStation 5 continues to be nowhere to be found, and it looks like things may not change for the better until 2022, according to IT provider Foxconn.

To pass the wait, if you haven’t done so yet, we recommend that you take a look at the monthly selections released by Sony for PS4 and PS5.

Finding the PlayStation 5 is difficult, but if you want to prepare for Sony’s next-gen you can start by purchasing a DualSense on Amazon.

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