PS5, Day One USA is near: chains ready to sell new units (and in Italy?)

PS5 , the new Sony console that will take players to the next-gen PlayStation brand, will arrive tomorrow – 12 November 2020 – in the hands of American players (and in a few days also in Europe).

Waiting for the platform to hit the shelves – or at least for those who have had the luck and the speed to be able to pre-order one – it seems that tomorrow, in particular time slots – some large US distributors will allow the sale of new unit of PlayStation 5 , in a totally exceptional guise.

The first chain is Walmart , which has recently published a message on social media for all those who want to get hold of a console on Day One:

The second major retail chain that will allow gamers to buy a PS5 on launch day is GameStop , as many users would be receiving an official communication from the store announcing that they could tomorrow be among those who will return home with a brand new console.

Below, the content of the message published via Twitter:

And What is the situation in Italy? At the time of writing, there is no certainty that big chains such as GameStop, Unieuro or Mediaworld will allow you to buy a PS5 on launch day, given that Amazon ran out of preorders several weeks ago (just a few minutes from when opening).

The hope is that some users will soon receive some kind of official communication, perhaps with the possibility that various units of the console will actually be sold on Day One.

A PS5 image.

Of course it is equally true that the emergency pandemic and the consequent braking due to the so-called Red Zones could lead to many problems or slowdowns, especially due to the inability to go in person to take a console (based on the DPCM currently in force).

We will keep you updated (as well as we invite you to notify us, even privately, of any emails received as customers).

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PlayStation 5 will arrive in Europe – and in Italy – starting next November 19th of this year in two versions: the first with optical reader (at € 499.99) and a second pin able to read only and exclusively games downloaded in digital format (at € 399.99).

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